Monday, 18 July 2011

Bad Blogger :(

I know! I've been the worst blogger in the world!!

But, I am really REALLY busy with school work at the minute (GCSE's! D:) so it probably won't be improving any time soon.... But, I do have the Summer holidays coming up, so maybe I'll be able to blog a bit then?....

I ordered from Pretty&Cute recently for the first time! :D I've been wanting to try out BB creams for a long time now, but have been biding my time because I wasn't sure what to get, there are so many different ones!! D: But, I follow Pretty&Cute on Twitter and saw that they were now selling a little set for £10 of 4 different Skin 79 BB creams in small sizes. Perfect! If you'd like a set too, click here

The set includes Diamond Collection Pearl BB Cream (5g), Super+ VIP Gold Collection BB Cream (5g), Super+ Triple Functions BB Cream (Pink) (5g) and The Oriental Gold BB Cream (5g). Pretty&Cute are also kind enough to offer a free sample of a selection of BB creams. So out of the options I think I chose the Lioele Triple the Solution BB cream.

So, I will have 5 different BB creams to try out! :D So hopefully I will be able to put up my circle lens and BB cream reviews in the Summer.

See you soon~!