Friday, 27 May 2011

A little bit of eki Domo~kun prize pack!


Unfortunately, I didn't win Ekis' last giveaway. :( But, she's having another one! :D

This time, Eki is giving away a Domo~kun prize pack sponsored by Soy Fashion , who sell the cutest Asian clothing! The prizes include a Domo~kun pencil case filled with Lioele masks, BB cream samples, lip essence and a pendant and mirror.

To enter, all you need to do is follow this link and fill out the form. And that's it! You have a chance to win these cute prizes!

Good luck everyone!

Alice x

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Moments Like Diamonds Giveaway!!

One of my favourite blogs "Moments Like Diamonds" is having a 1675 follower giveaway!

There will be 3 prizes, a grand prize, a 1st runner up and a 2nd runner up, which means 3 chances to win!

I love the prizes and it would be amazing to win, but it's a random winner, so lets just hope I'm lucky~!

Please, if you are interested in Gyaru fashion at all, enter the giveaway here!

Good luck!!

Alice x

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Poupee Girl

If you scroll down a little, you'll notice I've added my Poupee Girl!!

I've had my account for a few months now, but I haven't really used it. But I remembered it again today and I've really enjoyed it! I like that there are little goals you can do to earn more 'ribbons' (Poupee Girl currency). I know a lot of bloggers I follow play Poupee Girl, so I'm really looking forward to (hopefully!) becoming friends with them~!

So tell me, 4 followers, do you play Poupee Girl?!

Alice x

Thursday, 19 May 2011

New reviews on the way!

First off, I apologise for the lack of updates, I am very busy! I've sorted my circle lenses from Pinky Paradise now, I have my Princess Mimi Almond Browns still, an I now have my Chocolate Browns too! So I will have both reviews of those soon.

I've also ordered from apopofkawaii ! I ordered some Canmake and also Dollywink products from there, so I will be able to review those eventually too!!

Looking forward to it!


Friday, 6 May 2011

Review: Palty in Ganache Tart

I ordered my hair dye from Pinky Paradise and I was really impressed! It came in exactly 1 week all the way from Korea, which is the quickest delivery I've ever had when ordering from Korea/China!!

It was a little bit bashed up, but everything inside was absolutely fine.

My hair is already quite dark, so I was going for the top left colour:

(Sorry, it's a bit hard to see the true colour)

Inside you get a bottle of, I guess you would call it, developing fluid (?), then a tube of the colour, a brush nozzle, gloves and a small sachet of conditioner and instructions. And don't worry! You don't need to know Japanese to read the instructions, there are a LOT of pictures, it's very easy to figure it out.

My mum helped me apply it, and said that it was really easy to put on! It didn't drip at all and the brush nozzle made it really even. 
But, if you have hair longer than shoulder length, I would recommend buying 2 packs! I only got 1, and it just about covered my slightly longer than shoulder length hair.

I left it on for 20 minutes and washed off. There wasn't too much bleeding afterwards, which made me a bit concerned! O_O But it actually turned out really well!! Here is my hair before:

(Sorry again, this is the only relatively good photo I have of my hair!)

And after!!

There isn't an awful lot of difference, but that's my own fault, I should have got a lighter colour, but you can see that, especially in bright sunshine, it now has a red tinge to it. (Neither of the photos have flash)

So, pros and cons:


✭ Easy to apply
✭ Doesn't drip
✭ Nice smelling!
✭ Doesn't bleed
✭ Not too expensive


✭ Dark hair needs bleaching before hand
✭ Fades quite quickly

I'll edit in more if I think of any!

So overall, I really like this dye. I would probably buy a lighter one next time, but I'm happy with the results I got from this colour! 

I give this product....



P.S. My lenses are all sorted now, so I'll be able to review both Princess Mimi Almond and Chocolate lenses soon!!〜♥

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Coming Up....

So what have I got planned? 

I recently ordered with Pinky Paradise, so I will be reviewing Palty hair dye in Ganache Tart and Tsubasa Masuwaka's Bambi series in chocolate.

I'm having some problems with my circle lenses though. :( So I will be doing the Palty first! :D

I promise, I will post the first review soon, probably at the weekend. 

I hope you'll like it!

Alice ♥

Monday, 2 May 2011


.... And welcome to a blog by alice!

This first post is just a sort of introduction to what I will be posting about in the future.

I'm not quite sure yet, but I am planning on product reviews, maybe outfits of the day and just other general posts. :)

This is not my only blog, I also have 2 main Tumblrs: and also

I hope that you will enjoy my blog! :D